Why This Mom Chooses Dance Extreme

    Why This Mom Chooses Dance Extreme

    We love hearing feedback from dancers and their parents, especially on why they choose Dance Extreme year after year.

    Recently, Dance Extreme was tagged in Lisa Castillo’s Facebook post explaining why she has been choosing DX for her daughter Grace for the last seven years.

    Here’s what Lisa had to say:

    Dance Extreme has offered our daughter an amazing experience for many years now! It’s large, clean and spacious studios offer a variety of classes and class times and the DX staff are truly amazing. As a competitive dancer, my daughter is learning how her body is powerful and graceful at the same time. She is learning the value of hard work, discipline, persistence, how to receive and apply constructive yet positive criticism while developing her sense of confidence and self esteem in these formative years of her life. I couldn’t imagine a better experience anywhere else!

    Grace has been dancing at Dance Extreme since she was four years old and has spent two years on our pre-competitive dance troupe. This year, she is kicking off her first season as part of our competitive team and is most excited for her very first solo!

    Being a part of Dance Extreme’s Dance Troupe means that Grace is at the studio a lot, but her mom Lisa says:

    Of all the other places she could be hanging out as she is on the cusp of adolescence, I am so glad it is in a positive life skill and confidence building atmosphere.

    We love hearing why families choose Dance Extreme year after year – what’s your reason?