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What is Acro?

    What is Acro?

    At the heart of acrobatics class (or “acro” for short) is a fusion of strength and flexibility training combined with dance skills. In our acro classes at Dance Extreme, we strive for our students to build their range of motion with specific movements that will translate into more versatile dancing. With an equal emphasis on the upper body and lower body, acro students learn how to develop their physical strength and then apply that strength to their flexibility. As acro classes progress, they also sometimes incorporate partner work, allowing our dancers to gain experience with the weight-sharing and support of a fellow dancer.

    Most students find that their acrobatic abilities give them a better sense of control and body awareness as they advance in their dance training. Their balance improves—literally and figuratively—the longer they study acro! With that in mind, we often recommend acro as an excellent complement to ballet and jazz classes. And of course, our top-most priority in all acro classes is safety! We only introduce safe and developmentally-appropriate movement from our expert teachers.

    Our daughter just loves going to Dance Extreme. She can be very timid and shy and everyone there has been so incredible with her. From the front staff to the instructors, everyone is so incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. We always recommend the studio to anyone we know who is interested in dance for their little ones(or older ones). Looking forward to many more years of dance and fun with you all ♥️♥️

    Shannon Saunders

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