Virtual Birthday Parties at Dance Extreme

In the age of COVID-19, children’s birthday parties have changed dramatically. As social distancing is redefining how we gather and how we celebrate, parents are beginning to ask “How can we celebrate our child’s birthday during a pandemic?”

Dance Extreme is here to help!

Our virtual birthday parties are designed to entertain and celebrate the birthday child and all their guests, while providing a safe, social-distancing approved, alternative to traditional parties.

What’s Included:

  • Dance Extreme Instructor to Lead the Party Activities
  • Themed Dance Class (theme chosen by the birthday child)
  • Virtual Interactive Party Games
  • Time for Snacks, Personal Greetings and Singing Happy Birthday

Party Duration: 45 minutes
Digital Platform: Zoom (secure link)
Cost: $65 (+hst)

Please contact us at to learn more and to book your virtual birthday party today!

Ages 3yrs+

Virtual Birthday Party

/ 45 mins

Digital Platform: Zoom (secure link)