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    The Benefits of Dance Classes for Children

    Essential Life Skills and Why Parents Should Invest in Them Dance classes can offer many benefits for children, including the development of essential life skills that may not be taught in other sports or activities. Here are some reasons why parents should consider investing in dance for their child: Encourages creativity: Dance is a form of artistic expression that allows children to explore their creativity and experiment with movement. This can foster imagination...

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      Dance Extreme: Where Creativity, Technique, and Passion Meet

      Dance Extreme: Where Creativity, Technique, and Passion Meet Dance is an art form that has captivated people for centuries. It has the power to express emotions, tell stories, and bring people together. If you're looking for the best option to start your child's dance journey, look no further than Dance Extreme. As you walk through the doors of Dance Extreme, you're greeted with the sound of music and the rhythmic beat of dancing feet....

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        What is Acro?

        What is Acro? At the heart of acrobatics class (or “acro” for short) is a fusion of strength and flexibility training combined with dance skills. In our acro classes at Dance Extreme, we strive for our students to build their range of motion with specific movements that will translate into more versatile dancing. With an equal emphasis on the upper body and lower body, acro students learn how to develop their physical strength...

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          First Time Dropping Off At Recital? Read This First!

          First Time Dropping Off At Recital? Read This First! Recital is almost here and for many Dance Extreme parents, that means dropping their young dancer off at the back door of the Grand Theatre for the very first time. Feeling a little stressed about the drop-off? Dance Mom Melissa shares her experience and gives new (-ish) dance parents a bit of advice starting with... Relax and breathe... The first time you take part in any new experience...

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            How Dance Extreme Changed My Life

            How Dance Extreme Changed My Life I was enrolled in my first dance class at Dance Extreme when I was seven years old. Prior to this, I had tried what seemed to be every extracurricular activity possible for a young girl, but nothing seemed to fit. I remember being nervous to start my first dance class, but when I was greeted by the friendly teachers and staff I immediately felt at home. After...

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              What Do You Really Want For Your Dancer?

              What Do You Really Want For Your Dancer? If your answer is that you want her to be physically fit, to have fun, and to make friends, then you’re in the right place. Dance Extreme can offer all of those things to your dancer. Beyond the social and fitness benefits, Dance Extreme can also offer your dancer the skills that will benefit her long after she hangs up her ballet shoes. Dance is a...

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                Why This Mom Chooses Dance Extreme

                Why This Mom Chooses Dance Extreme We love hearing feedback from dancers and their parents, especially on why they choose Dance Extreme year after year. Recently, Dance Extreme was tagged in Lisa Castillo’s Facebook post explaining why she has been choosing DX for her daughter Grace for the last seven years. Here’s what Lisa had to say:Grace has been dancing at Dance Extreme since she was four years old and has spent two years on our...

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