How Dance Extreme Changed My Life

    How Dance Extreme Changed My Life

    I was enrolled in my first dance class at Dance Extreme when I was seven years old. Prior to this, I had tried what seemed to be every extracurricular activity possible for a young girl, but nothing seemed to fit. I remember being nervous to start my first dance class, but when I was greeted by the friendly teachers and staff I immediately felt at home. After completing my first year, I knew I finally found something that I truly enjoyed.

    I decided to join Dance Extreme’s competitive dance troupe the following year. I competed for the next ten years and loved every minute. Over the years my interest in dance as a fun hobby became a passion. During my time spent at Dance Extreme, I learned and accomplished so much, and grew to be a stronger person both mentally and physically. One of my greatest accomplishments was getting over my intense fears of performing in front of large groups. I can now speak in front of groups of people with ease, because of all of the training and coaching I was given at Dance Extreme. I learned discipline, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the list goes on. 

    Throughout my years at Dance Extreme I didn’t realize how much I was learning and how much these skills would help me later in life. I am the confident person that I am today because of what dance has given me, and because of that, I am very grateful. The friends I have made and the experiences I have had are ones I wouldn’t trade for the world, and for that, Dance Extreme will always hold a special place in my heart. 

    Kaitlyn Lakerdas