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First Time Dropping Off At Recital? Read This First!

    First Time Dropping Off At Recital? Read This First!

    Recital is almost here and for many Dance Extreme parents, that means dropping their young dancer off at the back door of the Grand Theatre for the very first time.

    Feeling a little stressed about the drop-off?

    Dance Mom Melissa shares her experience and gives new (-ish) dance parents a bit of advice starting with…

    Relax and breathe…

    The first time you take part in any new experience can be extremely overwhelming as you are constantly concerned about what may happen. This is particularly concerning when the new experience involves your child. I can recall these feelings clearly when my daughter was preparing for her first Dance Extreme recital. I remember being in complete shock when I was told that I was to just “drop her at the door of the Grand Theatre and then pick her up when it was over.” The worry of the unknown and fear of what could happen was crushing. However, then I remembered that this is not the first time that these instructors have coordinated a recital!! They have a long and successful history that is maintained by strong organizational skills and Extreme care for the students that attend their programs.

    The volunteers that help with dress rehearsal and on the day of recital are given instructions that help to keep the events running safely and smoothly. As well there are also a number of experienced dancers that help act as an example for the younger ones. I can specifically recall asking my daughter how it was and she expressed her enthusiasm and relayed how much fun she had. This experience allowed for her to express her independence in a way she had not previously as well as pride in showing that the practice and effort she had put into class culminated with a wonderful performance.

    I hope the knowledge that you are not alone in feeling some anxiety about leaving your child for the first time at recital brings some relief and helps to you relax and enjoy the experience. Your positive attitude will certainly help your child to relax and enjoy their experience that much more and that is really what this is all about.

    Melissa Nash

    DE mom since 2013

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