Choreographic Intensive

We offer 2 specialized Summer Choreographic Intensives:

Junior Choreographic Intensive (Ages 6-10)
Choreographic Intensive (Ages 11-18)

Our 3-day intensive program allows students to experience a new aspect of dance and they will explore the creative process and learn to choreograph.

Students will focus on learning the elements of dance including body, effort, space and shape.

They will be exposed to choreographic devices as they create choreography on other camp participants.

While exploring the creative process through dance, participants learn about choreographers, choreographic form and style.

They will do all of this while having fun creating their very own dance piece to showcase at our end of the program.

Our choreographic sessions are balanced between classes in ballet, contemporary and jazz.

Ages 6yrs - 10yrs & Ages 11 yrs +

Choreographic Intensive

$$175 and $225
/ 3 days or $80 per day

  • Junior Choreographic Intensive (Ages 6-10):
  • Choreographic Intensive (Ages 11-18)